Find Out How You Really Spend Your Time

  • Time Management

    Automatically track how much time you and your team spending time on computers throughout a working day. Downsize complex activities of your team into concise visual reports.
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  • Productivity Booster

    Managers can tap value information from comparing the difference between employees' activity reports. Awards the out performer and improves the laggard's performance.
  • Security Solutions

    Managers can understand software and hardware condition of different employees' devices in minutes. Data of USB plugged in employees' devices are also under surveillance.
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Automatic Tracking

No Manual Data Entry at All!

Simply install and access cloud-based platform for reports. Say goodbye to manual data entry!

Anytime, Anywhere Report Access

All Reports are Well Stored at Cloud

Access and view the cloud based reports from any web browser including Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone.

Visual Reports

Downsize Complex Daily Activities into Concise Visual Reports

Reports summarizing applications used, browsing history, activity of keyboard and mouse, and also screenshots of daily activity.

Privacy is Our Highest Priority

Keeping Your Data Secure is Our Top Priority

Our reputation and business depend on protecting your data, so keeping your data secure is a top priority for the IceDeep team.